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The Variety Of Services Provided By A Professional Nail Salon

Are you planning to visit a professional nail salon in Dallas to have some treatment for your nails? It is indeed a great idea to visit such salons once a month to maintain the shine and smoothness of your nails. Bibi Lash And Beauty Care can offer you high-class nail spa and nail care services which will keep your nails strong and beautiful. However, salons like Bibi Lash and Beauty Care do not restrict themselves to providing one kind of services. They can offer you several types of services as per your requirements.


When it comes to taking care of your nails, it becomes obvious to offer manicure service to provide a total care for your hand. Manicure is all about massaging the hands with various kinds of creams and lotions as well as cleaning them. Then you can have packs on your hand prepared by chemicals or natural objects. The type of the lotion or the packs depends on your skin type as well as the cost of the manicure.


Along with manicure, these salons also offer high-class pedicure services. Here also the use of lotion, cream and masks can be seen. The main aim of the pedicure is to clean your feet, take away the dead cells from them and make them smoother and softer than before. The professional nail salons like to enhance the look and feel of your feet through this system.

Nail Care

Nail care is a combination of various services. This includes cleaning the nails, eliminating the foreign particles from the nails and the adjacent skin. This service also includes nail art where various types of nail paints are used to decorate your nails with other decorative objects like stones and glitters and stickers.

At Bibi Lash & Beauty Care you can get professional nail care treatment from the experts. As a nail and lash studio, we have various types of manicure and pedicure services to offer you according to your needs. We use the top products to clean the nails and increase their smoothness and shine. The nail spa is useful for maintaining the hygiene of your nails, hand and feet as well.