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All you need to know about the best eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions help to enhance the natural beauty around your eyes and will provide you with long, beautiful lashes without the need for mascara. The extensions will provide a dramatic look, which can ensure that your eyes become the focus of your face. This style of enhancement will ensure that your eyes will look stunning for many weeks. The professional beauty salon or lash studio in Dallas can give you the best eyelash extensions.

Did you know?

Extensions are made of a synthetic material. Each lash is individual and is glued to individual lashes giving a full, natural look. Because most women don’t want to keep and maintain these extensions, most opt to have the eyelash extension removed or choose not to have them filled and let them fall off on their own. Removal can be done professionally or at home.

  • To remove eyelash extenders, you can steam your face over a bowl of hot water, and then rub the eyelashes with olive oil, which dissolves the glue used to hold the extensions on.
  • Another option for eyelash enhancement is the traditional false eyelash. These can be purchased in drug stores and can be applied at home.

There are a couple of other ways to enhance the eyelashes, including eyelash curlers and mascara. Eyelash curlers and mascara can be purchased at almost any drug store or department store for a reasonable price and can enhance the look of the eyes and eyelashes. Most professionals recommend using the eyelash curler before the mascara. Eyelash curlers come in a variety of designs, but most recommend holding the curler at the base of the lashes and applying gentle pressure for about twenty seconds. Mascara can then be applied to the curled lash giving a dramatic look. You can rely on a beauty salon that would provide with high-quality volume lash extensions in Dallas.


There are several benefits but the first one is that it lasts longer. You do not have to take off and apply on a regular basis. It will save you from the regular harassment and time which got used in applying and removing. The lashes are of superior quality and provide an attractive result. The lashes are designed for the eye makeup so that it can make your eyes look beautiful.

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Get stylish eyelashes with the best eyelash extensions in Dallas

Long and thick eyelashes have always been a symbol of beauty and will always remain to be one. With the various ways of getting lash extensions, now every woman can follow their dream of getting those luscious sparkling eyes anytime they want. The professional beauty salon or lash studio in Dallas can give you the best outcome in best eyelash extensions.      

Semi-permanent and permanent extension

When we talk of extensions, however, it is the semi-permanent or permanent effect that we consider.  With semi-permanent lash extensions, there are again two ways of getting them done. To start off, you will get home based extension kits of different varieties. All that you have to do is attach these eyelashes onto your natural eyelashes with the help of an adhesive. These home-based kits require you to be more precise in application. If the application is right, then you will get the desired result. The professional expert will suggest you the right kind of eyelashes that will suit your style in terms of thickness, color and degrees of curl.

Go for the permanent lash extension

The permanent extension basically involves a single surgical session where the eyelids are implanted with new hair follicles. These hair follicles will grow gradually into eyelashes that will be greater thickness and length. As they grow, the professional will trim them and adjust their degrees of curl to infuse into your natural lashes and give you a fuller and deeper look as before. This is the most costly option and long lasting option as well to meet your needs. A reputed lash studio can provide you with affordable options in application of these extensions.


  • Boosting personality is another benefit of wearing the lash extension. With the artificial extensions, your eyes can really look more gorgeous and you will gain a lot of attention from people. Needless to say, a boost in the personality results in boosting the confidence too.
  • Lash extensions really add to your charm and make you look more energetic.
  • It’s natural and suitable. With this treatment, your existing eyelashes will appear broader, thicker and gorgeous.

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The best eyelash extensions make your eyes appear more attractive

The eye beauty means a lot to a modern woman. All eyes are beautiful, of course, if slightly enhanced, they can look quite attractive. While there are many ways to augment eye appearance, lash extensions seem to work the best. It involves the process of lengthening the normal eyelash rather implanting a new eyelid through a surgical process.  The best beauty salon or lash studio can provide you with the  best eyelash extensions


Applied and accepted by the women


Since the surgical therapy is very expensive, most women and celebrities are opting for extensions. Unlike surgery, fixing extended lashes is not painful at all. You must select a normal beautician in a parlor who can do the job well for you. During the entire process, you need to lie down peacefully while the specialist will work on your eyelids. It involves the use of tweezers and bonding agent to fix the synthetic fiber to the natural lash. When you will undergo the application of the makeup, you don’t have to worry that the extension would come off. By the third week, your eyelids might have the gaps and that is a beauty flaw. Though unnoticeable, you should get a refill or touch up to maintain a high level of elegance and beauty. As the extension addition occurs on the existing eyelash, when it falls off naturally, the fake one goes as well. You can get these best approached in Lash studio Dallas.

The added benefits


  • The process of extension of eyelashes to your natural lashes is a painful procedure. Today, this is one of the most popular and accepted ways of beautifying the woman eyes, and it really results in a pair of luscious eyes every women dream of. With this treatment, your existing eyelashes will appear broader, thicker and gorgeous.
  • Boosting personality is another benefit of wearing the lash extension. With the artificial extensions, your eyes can really look more gorgeous and you will gain a lot of attention from people. Needless to say, a boost in the personality results in boosting the confidence too.


Did you know?

After the process is complete, remember to keep your eyes away from contact of water, so do not wash your face at least for next 5 hours. During this time, the adhesive would be fully fixed. Some make-up artists might suggest you to avoid bathing for a couple of days. When using mascara post extension, it is recommended to use water-based mascara.

If you are looking for the best eyelash extensions, you can contact Bibi Lash & Beauty Care in Dallas. We provide you with the better idea of beauty trends, modern techniques and good products that meets your needs and expectations. Please visit our website for more details.

4 Things You Must Know About Eyelash Extensions

The use of false eyelashes is not a new trend in the market. It has been practiced since 1916. However, with the advent of the modern technologies, the basic concept has received some advance changes and becomes more gorgeous and useful for the users. The latest eye lash extensions are the perfect example of this improvement. In Dallas, there are lots of fashion and beauty salons where you can get this treatment from the experts. But before you try any of them, here are few important things about eyelash extensions that you must be aware of.

Are They Similar To False Eye Lashes?

A false eye lash is a complete set of eye lash which can be glued to your eye lids. They are attached around the bottom of your original lashes. They are easily removable and can be worn for a few hours. On the other hand, eye lash extension is a sequence of individual lashes that can be glued to your present lashes to give them an extended look with more volume. These extensions can stay for around 4 weeks without any touch-up.

Are They Heavy On Your Lids?

Absolutely not. They are not heavy on your eyelid or original eyelashes. Hence, you can wear them all the time without feeling any pressure or difficulties on your eyes. You can do your daily courses while having them; without having any exhaustion on your eyes.

What Are They Made From?

This depends on the price and the brands you use. Generally, you can get eyelash extensions in Dallas that are developed from manmade fibre or mink hair. Apart from that, some high-class brands use organic human hair to make these extensions too. They are the costlier ones. When you go to a beauty salon for this treatment, your beauty expert will let you know about the variety of extensions you can have from them.

Can You Do It On Your Own?

No. Since it is about your eyes, so you cannot handle the matter on your own. You cannot close your eyes and then take a single lash and attaché it with your existing eyelash in a perfect manner. This is the reason you must find a reliable, trained and experienced beauty professional for this job. They will carefully inspect your present eyelashes and suggest you the type of lash extension you must have. They can perform the task in a flawless manner for you.

Bibi Lash & Beauty Care is one such beauty salon in Dallas that offers this service without any mistake. We are proud to offer you our unmatched lash extension service that will make your eyes look gorgeous and spectacular; even without any makeup. We always use the most superior quality products which are saved on your eyes.

Please book your appointment with our expert for your eye lash extension job and get the right consultation as well as the best service in this field.

Get Lash Extensions – An Easy And Simple Way For Gorgeous Eyelashes

Applying the mascara or gluing the fake eyelashes every day can be a tiresome job. Who has so much time in hand in their busy schedule? This is the reason we can see such a big fan-following of the latest lash extensions in all the modern cities. Women with a deep knowledge of the modern trend of fashion and styling know who to look beautiful with these lashes. They can easily achieve a darker and fuller lash line with the help of these lash extensions; without a drop of mascara.

However, when our clients come to us with a desire to have thicker, darker, bigger and fuller lash lines, we suggest them various options that we have in our salon. Before choosing the best one from those options, it is necessary to have a clear concept about eyelashes and know the benefits of the same too.

It Is Not The Temporary Ones

Semi-temporary lashes are different from the temporary ones. The temporary ones can be applied by anybody and anywhere. But for the semi-temporary ones, you have to go to the certified eyelash extensionists who have the certification and knowledge to perform such kind of jobs. They will fit each lash on your existing or original lashes with the help of the glue which is medically tested and skin-friendly too.

For Different Types Of Eyes

At Bibi Lash & Beauty, we understand that not every woman has the same kind of eyes. They are different in terms of size and shape. Similarly, their eyelashes are also different and distinct. When it comes to choosing the perfect eyelash extensions, sometimes our clients become confused. Since lashes come in various volume, thickness and lengths, they find it difficult to understand which one will suit them most. Lash services can have our tips regarding this matter.

Please pay a visit to our salon and get the best care in Dallas for your eyelashes.

Eyelash Tinting Is a Suitable Solution for Beautiful Eyes

Eyelashes are an important trait for all the women. It is an essential feature that defines the gorgeousness of a lady by beautifying the eyes. When the lashes are done properly, one can get beautiful dark tantalizing eyes that one has always desired to have. This is the primary reason for man inventing eye curlers, mascara and adequate eye products. Among various kinds of beauty care tips, eyelash tinting in Dallas is quite popular. An individual can attain beautiful and alluring eyes.

What is eyelash tinting?

This is a process for dying the lashes to give them a darker shade. The colour usually depends on the colour of the skin and hair. There are various kinds of colour for the lash and one can get according to their choice and suitability. For example, you can go for grey, black, shades of brown and blue. No matter which colour you are finalising, make sure to seek help from a reliable and knowledgeable eyelash tinting specialist.

Suitable for every lady:

Eyelash tinting is especially for those people who are highly sensitive to makeup, actively takes part in sports, do not have much time for makeup application, have to wear contact lenses etc. Eyelash tinting is highly popular because it involves non-surgical procedure having the ability to deliver quick results. It is a safe and lasting procedure, therefore, one should look for an expert to get the job done.

Professionals who offer best eyelash extensions in Dallas also offer Eyelash tinting in Dallas. Since the beauty treatment is related to the skin of a person, make sure to choose an experienced and reliable service provider for generating exceptional results. There are many companies in the market, therefore, choose wisely to get the desired result.

Bibi Lash & Beauty Care is a Dallas based company offering an array of beauty care services to all their clients. They have enough experience about the task that they are doing and ensures satisfying results. An individual may visit their website to learn about the various kinds of services offered by them. One can even speak to the representative for a complete guidance. Call for support on eyelash tinting in Dallas.