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Enhance your looks with eyebrow waxing in Dallas

There are certain ingredients that have a major contribution to the beauty of your face and well-shaped eyebrows are definitely one of them. The shape of eyebrows can change the entire look of your face so it is very important to take special care while shaping them. The professional beauty salon or lash studio in Dallas can give you the best result in eyebrow waxing in Dallas.


It is the commonly used method for shaping the eyebrows but it has a number of problems for the sensitive skin. Plucking is a really time consuming and painful method that does not provide the perfect finish to your face. The effective application of eyebrow waxing is that it can remove the hair at the root hence offering you the long-lasting results.

Opt for hot or cold wax

You can opt for the hot or cold wax for shaping your eyebrows, depending upon your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin then it is advisable to go for cold wax as the hot wax might create a problem for the sensitive skin. But for your normal skin, hot wax can be the perfect solution for the shaping of your eyebrows.

Use natural products

It is very important to use the natural products for brow waxing as eyes are the most sensitive part of your face. Any chemical found in the wax can cause many problems for your skin and eyes.  Most of the waxing products have natural ingredients that are friendly to your skin but at times some companies do add some chemicals in their products which should be avoided.


The eyebrows can add a lot of visual weight to your facial appearance and especially if shaped correctly according to your face shape. Waxing is a systematic method which is applied to the unwanted portion of your hair and then pulled off using a strip of cloth. It is a very good option if your eyebrows are too thick and dense.

  • With this method, you can get the fine shape for your eyebrows that would complement your facial appearance.
  • The most interesting effect of the waxing process is its eventual effect on the growth of eyebrows. After a couple of waxing treatments, the hair will start to grow in the right direction and the eyebrow will naturally gain a beautiful line. It helps your hair cells behavior to produce a shape that holds the remaining traits of the face together. Therefore, a couple of waxing treatments can bring about permanent and lasting effects. The re-grown hair looks thinner and subtle enough to re-define the eyebrows with a new shape.

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7 Advantages of Availing Bikini Waxing Treatment

Who would not want a clean and a nice bikini line? If you need hair removal then, waxing is the best way out. Waxing at home is an ideal solution but you should know the tricks and procedure thoroughly so that there are no errors. Many people might be thinking why choose to wax only when there are a lot of ways for hair removal? Waxing is the most efficient and effective way of hair removal. Therefore, bikini waxing in Dallas is an incredible solution which you can count on.

Anyone who undergoes waxing treatment over and over again will notice fewer and lesser hair on their body. Over the time you can get rid of the hairs and have a silky smooth skin which will look neat, clean and tidy. When you begin using the treatment, you will also notice the benefits it offers to you. Given below are some of the points that will help you in understanding the many advantages of waxing your bikini line.

Benefits of bikini waxing:

  1. The proper length of the hairs – many women make mistake when they go for waxing while their hairs aren’t of the proper size. You need to ensure that it is ¼ inches in length so that they can be plucked off thoroughly. Waxing when the hairs are too short is not the right idea, therefore, wait for the right time.
  2. Choose the kind of waxing you need – you have certain options when you are looking for bikini waxing. The first option is simple wax, where the professional would remove hairs from both the sides in the pubic region. Then comes full bush Brazilian wax, this method means removing all the hairs from the back and front portion but, leaving behind a triangular shape in the front. Last but not the least, Brazilian wax, where all the hairs are eliminated from the front as well as the back.
  3. The shower is a must – on reading this point many ladies will think it is an obvious fact but, this is also a reminder. Take a warm water bath as it opens the pore and reduces the pain from waxing.
  4. Exposure of the lower half – many women aren’t comfortable to remove their dresses during the waxing. Before the professional begins waxing, you will have to strip off your pants as well as your underwear so that the professional can carry out the hair removal task.
  5. It is slightly painful – though there are many people who do not feel the pain at all some feels slightly. You need not worry as the professional has complete knowledge about how to deal with the waxing job so that it does not hurt you at all.
  6. Time matter – do not go for waxing 3 days before or after the periods. Your skin tends to be extra sensitive during these days and the impact can be really harsh if you continue waxing.
  7. Left hairs are tweezed or plucked – there are many times when the hairs are left over even after waxing in such condition the expert prefers threading if possible or they will simply tweeze it off.

You first bikini waxing cannot be fun if you are not in the right hands. Whether it is bikini waxing or eyebrow waxing near me in Dallas, Bibi Lash & Beauty Care is the right place to seek help. Visit the website and book an appointment for bikini waxing in Dallas. Feel free to contact!