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All You Need to Know About Volume Lash Extensions

Beauty has always been a long cherished desire for the human race and people have been utilizing multiple methods to enhance their appearance either naturally or with the help of technology or other crafts. When it comes to the facial beauty of an individual, eyes apparently occupy your most vital space. Beautiful eyes can allure anyone in an instant and hence every single beauty conscious woman put immense efforts to make their eyes appear prettier than ever. Everybody wishes to have long, thick appealing eyelashes. The reliable beauty salon or lash studio can provide you with the volume lash extensions.      


Look for the professional service provider

With the availability of modern volume eyelash extensions, you can mesmerize the world with your elegant look, without having to appear the least artificial. You need to be alert while choosing a service provider, for such services involves extensive risks.

  • The quality and efficiency of a service received depends completely upon the expertise of the service provider. You should make sure that the aesthetician you choose has a license and certificate to practice as a provider of lash extensions.
  • You can go for an online search, can ask your friends for a referral.
  • Enjoying good reputation among the clients must be another feature to look for in this service provider.

Did you know about the newest methods?

The condition of the eyes can speak volumes about an individual. Many individuals decide to take time to improve the appearance through the use of eyelash extension strips and makeup, but this often covers up the underlying concerns. The lash extension strips only cover up the issues you may have with your natural eyelashes and makeup only cakes on chemicals that often do little to improve your eyelash situation. When the conventional solutions related to improving your eyes appearance fail, it is time to turn to the professionals and discover beautiful solutions with long-lasting semi-permanent results. The newest method of lash extension can provide you with the full and luxurious eye appearance that you desire. They highlight your natural lashes. Your existing natural eyelashes are being improved with the eyelash extension method by attaching an extension to each individual lash. In a professional lash parlor, you can look for eyelash extensions near me Dallas.


The volume extensions of your lashes enhance and lift the eyes to give eyelashes a full-bodied and natural effect. It gives your eyes a natural and elegant look. Extensions are water-resistant. It is time-saving in both daily beauty maintenance and appointments.

In most of the cases, eyelash extensions will last from 3 to 8 weeks. The growth and shedding process of your natural lashes will cause the extension to fall off gradually. They can last indefinitely with regular refills.

If you are looking for volume lash extensions in Dallas, you can contact Bibi Lash & Beauty Care. We provide you a space with a hygienic ambiance to relax and get a complete transformation you have never acknowledged. Refer to our website for more details.

4 Things You Must Know About Eyelash Extensions

The use of false eyelashes is not a new trend in the market. It has been practiced since 1916. However, with the advent of the modern technologies, the basic concept has received some advance changes and becomes more gorgeous and useful for the users. The latest eye lash extensions are the perfect example of this improvement. In Dallas, there are lots of fashion and beauty salons where you can get this treatment from the experts. But before you try any of them, here are few important things about eyelash extensions that you must be aware of.

Are They Similar To False Eye Lashes?

A false eye lash is a complete set of eye lash which can be glued to your eye lids. They are attached around the bottom of your original lashes. They are easily removable and can be worn for a few hours. On the other hand, eye lash extension is a sequence of individual lashes that can be glued to your present lashes to give them an extended look with more volume. These extensions can stay for around 4 weeks without any touch-up.

Are They Heavy On Your Lids?

Absolutely not. They are not heavy on your eyelid or original eyelashes. Hence, you can wear them all the time without feeling any pressure or difficulties on your eyes. You can do your daily courses while having them; without having any exhaustion on your eyes.

What Are They Made From?

This depends on the price and the brands you use. Generally, you can get eyelash extensions in Dallas that are developed from manmade fibre or mink hair. Apart from that, some high-class brands use organic human hair to make these extensions too. They are the costlier ones. When you go to a beauty salon for this treatment, your beauty expert will let you know about the variety of extensions you can have from them.

Can You Do It On Your Own?

No. Since it is about your eyes, so you cannot handle the matter on your own. You cannot close your eyes and then take a single lash and attaché it with your existing eyelash in a perfect manner. This is the reason you must find a reliable, trained and experienced beauty professional for this job. They will carefully inspect your present eyelashes and suggest you the type of lash extension you must have. They can perform the task in a flawless manner for you.

Bibi Lash & Beauty Care is one such beauty salon in Dallas that offers this service without any mistake. We are proud to offer you our unmatched lash extension service that will make your eyes look gorgeous and spectacular; even without any makeup. We always use the most superior quality products which are saved on your eyes.

Please book your appointment with our expert for your eye lash extension job and get the right consultation as well as the best service in this field.