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Feel confident with the lash extensions

The eye beauty means a lot to a modern woman. All eyes are beautiful, of course, but if slightly enhanced, they can look even more attractive. While there are many ways to augment eye appearance, lash extensions seem to work the best. They involve the process of lengthening the normal eyelash rather than implanting a new eyelid through a surgical procedure. The professional beauty salon or lash studio in Dallas can give you the best outcome in lash extensions.    


Look for the professional service provider

With the availability of modern volume eyelash extensions, you can mesmerize the world with your elegant look, without having to appear the least artificial. You need to be alert while choosing a service provider, for such services involves extensive risks.

  • You should make sure that the aesthetician you choose has a license and certificate to practice as a provider of lash extensions.
  • You can go for an online search, can ask your friends for a referral.
  • Unlike surgery, fixing extended lashes is not painful at all. A woman should select a normal beautician who can do the job well. During the procedure, she will lie down peacefully while the specialist works on her eyelids. It involves the use of tweezers and a bonding agent to fix the synthetic fiber to the natural eyelash.

Advantages you can get  

Boosting Personality is an important benefit of wearing eyelash extensions. With the artificial extensions eyes, your eyes can look more gorgeous and can draw a lot of attention from people. The eyelashes are designed for the eye makeup so that it can make the eyes look more beautiful. You can take the help of the professional therapist and can speak to him/her about the sustainability of the material with the kind of skin you have. Thick and long eyelashes make your eye beautiful and attractive, which also protect your eyes from dust or ultraviolet light. It is a popular choice to the lash services in Dallas.

If you are looking for the best lash extensions in Dallas, you can contact Bibi Lash & Beauty Care. We provide you with a better idea of beauty trends, modern techniques and good products that would suit your needs and expectations. Please refer to our website for more information.

Feel more confident with the lash extensions

Lash extensions are one of the hottest trends these days because they provide immediate, longer lasting results. The extensions are single, synthetic eyelash strands that are curved to match your eyelashes and are individually applied to your lashes. The procedure can take up to 2 hours for a full set of extensions because they are bonded, using a special adhesive, one extension to one lash. The professional beauty salon or lash studio in Dallas can give you the best result in lash extensions.      

Benefits of availing such extensions  

They make your eyes seem more enlarged. For those with drooping eyelids, this treatment can be a wise decision. You can also consult with an expert in a lash studio and can use a number of eyelash products in the market. You should also understand the eyelash growth. The regrowth period of eyelashes also depends on some factors, like the size of the hair that you might have lost as well as the genetics. This is the latest style that ensures stunning look for days to come. Fashion is a dynamic thing as it keeps changing with the passage of each day. Whether it’s the dressing up sense or makeup, it keeps changing.

  • You do not have to take off and apply on a regular basis. It saves much of your time from the regular harassment and time while used in applying and removing.
  • If you undergo the treatment from a professional parlor, you can get the best result. The lashes are waterproof therefore it does change ever after repeated washing. There is a specific way for its maintenance but they are ideal for enhancing the look. Such extensions can provide the best result to the lash services in Dallas.

The professional has certified products and you should talk to the therapist about the suitability of the material with the kind of skin you have. To get the best services in lash extensions in Dallas, you can get in touch with Bibi Lash & Beauty Care and can experience a hygiene clean atmosphere with complete professionalism. Visit the website for more details.

Experience the Benefits of Lash Extensions in Dallas

Eyelash makes a lady look attractive and very beautiful but, it has to be in good shape, colour along with its thickness. Those who do not have these qualities in their lashes naturally opt for different solutions. For example, cosmetic makeup, temporary beauty treatment, lash extensions in Dallas etc. among all the different kinds of solution, the demand for eyelash extension is increasing at a greater speed. The trend is grabbing the attention of most ladies because the application process is simple and makes an individual look really attractive.

Presently, all the ladies are engaged in some kind of work all through the day but, are not willing to make any sort of compromise with their beauty and the look. In such a situation, women do not have time either the patience to apply the fake lashes to their eyes on a regular basis. This is one of the major reasons that people choose lash extensions in Dallas as well as any other part of the world.

Due to the shortage of time and unwillingness to apply the false lashes on a regular basis, there is a rapid increase in its demand. Researchers have said that the demand will continue to increase in the years to come. You will get a clearer concept after understanding the advantages of lash extensions in lash studios in Dallas.

Eyelash extension and its benefits:

  • After eyelash extensions, your natural lashes will look fuller as it adds volume
  • Makes your eyes look much beautiful and attractive
  • The lashes are lifted therefore it adds depth to the face
  • When you have extra and dense lashes, you can easily draw the attention of other people
  • There is no necessity to do makeup as it is enough to define the eyes
  • The eyes have a defined frame which is responsible for its enhanced beauty
  • If you have been practising regular makeup to make your eyes look popped, you do not need to do that anymore
  • You do not need to do the cleanup task of the lashes thus saves a lot of time
  • Eyelash extensions are light in weight and look completely natural
  • You do not have to worry about the effects of water on the lashes because they are water resistant
  • You do not have to use glue for its application, therefore, you are free from the hassles of fake eyelash application
  • You have the opportunity of choosing the length of the lash according to your choice and maintain the uniqueness
  • Even after hours of work, your lashes will not fake look

After you have learned about the wide benefits that you have from the lash extensions, start looking for an expert who has enough experience in the lash extension field. It is not difficult to choose a professional, you need to visit their website and read the reviews of the customers as it will help you in determining the quality of services offered by the expert.

Bibi Lash & Beauty Care is the right place to seek help as they have the required technician, tools and certified workers to do the extension job. Get in touch with them and book an appointment for lash extensions in Dallas.

Enhance your look with the lash extensions in Dallas

All ladies are sentimental about their facial features.  Eyelashes have been always associated with a heightened sense of beauty. When it comes to ensuring the perfection in every aspect of physical aesthetics, eyelashes cannot be neglected. The professional beauty salon or lash studio in Dallas can give you the best outcome in lash extensions.      

The procedure

The eyelash extension goes by the same principle of hair extension (minus the stitching part). This is the treatment if you have thin, short or medium lashes. The process involves fixing fake lashes on top of the original ones with skin-friendly glue that will ensure long-lasting hold. This method can be a bit problematic for the ladies who have thin lashes because an initial bulk is required to support the fake lashes. Nevertheless, maximum numbers of women take the advantage of this extension process and enjoy better peepers. This cannot be performed at home, and if you need to go for the extension process you need to consult the professionals to get the job done effectively.

Benefits and usage

The benefits of eyelash extensions are many and give your eyes a longer, thicker and more natural appearance. They make your eyes seem more enlarged. For those with drooping eyelids, this treatment can be a wise decision. You can also consult with an expert in a lash studio and can use a number of eyelash products in the market. You should also understand about the eyelash growth. The regrowth period of eyelashes also depends on some factors, like the size of the hair that you might have lost as well as the genetics. The extension treatment can last up to two months. Since the extensions are available in different lengths, you can select as per your need. You should ensure that these extensions are approved by the FDA for medical and cosmetic use. This does not cause any damage to your natural lashes. These will be shed off when the natural eyelashes fall out after the full circle. There are different approaches to attaching these products.

Bibi Lash & Beauty Care in an ideal destination for the Lash services in Dallas. You can rely on our professionals to get the best service in lash extensions. Please visit the website for more details. www.bibilashandbeauty.com

4 Things You Must Know About Eyelash Extensions

The use of false eyelashes is not a new trend in the market. It has been practiced since 1916. However, with the advent of the modern technologies, the basic concept has received some advance changes and becomes more gorgeous and useful for the users. The latest eye lash extensions are the perfect example of this improvement. In Dallas, there are lots of fashion and beauty salons where you can get this treatment from the experts. But before you try any of them, here are few important things about eyelash extensions that you must be aware of.

Are They Similar To False Eye Lashes?

A false eye lash is a complete set of eye lash which can be glued to your eye lids. They are attached around the bottom of your original lashes. They are easily removable and can be worn for a few hours. On the other hand, eye lash extension is a sequence of individual lashes that can be glued to your present lashes to give them an extended look with more volume. These extensions can stay for around 4 weeks without any touch-up.

Are They Heavy On Your Lids?

Absolutely not. They are not heavy on your eyelid or original eyelashes. Hence, you can wear them all the time without feeling any pressure or difficulties on your eyes. You can do your daily courses while having them; without having any exhaustion on your eyes.

What Are They Made From?

This depends on the price and the brands you use. Generally, you can get eyelash extensions in Dallas that are developed from manmade fibre or mink hair. Apart from that, some high-class brands use organic human hair to make these extensions too. They are the costlier ones. When you go to a beauty salon for this treatment, your beauty expert will let you know about the variety of extensions you can have from them.

Can You Do It On Your Own?

No. Since it is about your eyes, so you cannot handle the matter on your own. You cannot close your eyes and then take a single lash and attaché it with your existing eyelash in a perfect manner. This is the reason you must find a reliable, trained and experienced beauty professional for this job. They will carefully inspect your present eyelashes and suggest you the type of lash extension you must have. They can perform the task in a flawless manner for you.

Bibi Lash & Beauty Care is one such beauty salon in Dallas that offers this service without any mistake. We are proud to offer you our unmatched lash extension service that will make your eyes look gorgeous and spectacular; even without any makeup. We always use the most superior quality products which are saved on your eyes.

Please book your appointment with our expert for your eye lash extension job and get the right consultation as well as the best service in this field.

Get Lash Extensions – An Easy And Simple Way For Gorgeous Eyelashes

Applying the mascara or gluing the fake eyelashes every day can be a tiresome job. Who has so much time in hand in their busy schedule? This is the reason we can see such a big fan-following of the latest lash extensions in all the modern cities. Women with a deep knowledge of the modern trend of fashion and styling know who to look beautiful with these lashes. They can easily achieve a darker and fuller lash line with the help of these lash extensions; without a drop of mascara.

However, when our clients come to us with a desire to have thicker, darker, bigger and fuller lash lines, we suggest them various options that we have in our salon. Before choosing the best one from those options, it is necessary to have a clear concept about eyelashes and know the benefits of the same too.

It Is Not The Temporary Ones

Semi-temporary lashes are different from the temporary ones. The temporary ones can be applied by anybody and anywhere. But for the semi-temporary ones, you have to go to the certified eyelash extensionists who have the certification and knowledge to perform such kind of jobs. They will fit each lash on your existing or original lashes with the help of the glue which is medically tested and skin-friendly too.

For Different Types Of Eyes

At Bibi Lash & Beauty, we understand that not every woman has the same kind of eyes. They are different in terms of size and shape. Similarly, their eyelashes are also different and distinct. When it comes to choosing the perfect eyelash extensions, sometimes our clients become confused. Since lashes come in various volume, thickness and lengths, they find it difficult to understand which one will suit them most. Lash services can have our tips regarding this matter.

Please pay a visit to our salon and get the best care in Dallas for your eyelashes.

Getting Waxing Treatment For Women – Easy And Safe

The history of waxing treatment for women is long enough. If the strong and hairy body is the symbol of masculinity then the soft, smooth and hairless skin is the representation of femininity all over the world. With the passing course of time, the technique of waxing treatment has changed a lot, but it never loses its significance in the life of a modern and fashion conscious woman.

This is the reason they still wish to get the best waxing treatment from the experts in Dallas and all the other top cities in the USA.

While searching for the right solution, you need to be careful about choosing the right technique for you since all of them have some pros and cons. The process of removing hair that suits your friends may not be a good option for you.

Why Waxing

Among all the hair removal processes available currently in the industry, waxing is considered as an easy and safe one. It is an old process of getting rid of the unwanted hair from body parts like legs, arms, face, neck, belly and back. With the advent of the beauty industry, new techniques are introduced which are safer and easier than before. Though it is a little bit painful, you have to admit that to get something amazing (yes, I am talking about your hairless smooth skin) you have to go through few throbbing experiences (the painful process of waxing).

Moreover, you can have waxing to get rid of unwanted hair from different body parts. It is applicable for legs, arms, face, neck and even for your lower abdomen which is especially known as Bikini waxing. This is one of the most famous types of waxing among those women who love to wear bikinis and flaunt their beautiful physic.

Come To Us

Before you come to us for waxing treatment, we would like to say that we are capable of handling any type of waxing process including eyebrow waxing which is considered as one of the latest and complex processes in this modern time. Our experts use the best products and apply the safest technique to wax your eyebrows to give them the right shape as per your desire.

For more information, you should call us or visit our salon to get a wide array of beauty care service along with waxing treatment.